Terms and Conditions

1. Submission
Postings will be limited to those by whose pictures were actually taken by video camera, digital camera, or mobile phone, etc., and have not carried out modifications of facts or excessive processing.
2. Rights of third parties, etc.
A prior consent must be secured from the third party before submitting to avoid copyright infringement, such as copyrights or portrait or other rights of the third party. Should there arise any disputes and differences in regard to copyright infringement and other issues between the user and any third parties, the user is assumed to bear all the responsibilities.
3. Preliminary review
Posted videos will be examined by the website administrator (hereafter called “administrator”) whether it is pursuant to the terms of the art. Should the administrator determine that the content is not suitable for posting, the video will not be posted. Also, note that submitted videos may not appear due to posting schedules and other reasons.
4. Post of personal information
Postings containing without entries of names, addresses and contact phone numbers of the Submission Form, will not be posted.
5. Listings accompanying information
Videos submitted will be posted along with the accompanying information: User’s nickname, title, comments, and others. Administrator may edit these.
6. Prohibited Acts
Videos with the following characteristics will not be posted. In addition, submitted videos may be suspended without prior notice to the user even after posting.

  1. Created to impose specific ideas and principles (such as religion, political activity, social issues and other similar matters).
  2. Violate or encourage third party’s copyrights, portrait rights, privacy and other issues and videos without appropriate and necessary rights
  3. Contrary to public order and morals.

(4) Contrary to the public welfare.
(5) Infringe or have the possibility to infringe human rights.
(6) Give a sense of discomfort in general.
(7) Imply business activities, filmed for commercial purposes.
(8) Provide information (name, address, etc.) that can identify individuals.
(9) Defame, slander, or libel against third parties, or have the possibilities of doing so.
(10) Filmed at areas where photography is prohibited.
(11) Violate the laws and regulations, or those encouraging that behavior.
(12) Accommodate contents that interfere with the operation of this website. Give a significant load and damage the operation of the system and installation.
(13) Contents not in conformity with the purpose of this website.
7. Reprint of submission
Posted video and accompanying information may also be posted at other sites or other media operated and published by the administrator. In such a case, the video and its description may be edited, modified and other necessary work may be carried out when appropriate.
8. Disclaimer
In the case of any issues raised due to the use of the information contained in the video by the viewer of the posted video, the administrator accepts no responsibility for any disputes and differences caused between third parties. Furthermore, in the case where the user suffers damage and loss due to posting, not posting, or calling off of the posting, the administrator assumes no responsibility. Moreover, in the case of a system shut down without any notice due to a system failure, planned maintenance, or force majeure such as natural disasters, or degraded performance, the administrator shall not be liable for any inconveniences caused to the user, such as disappearance of the posted video and accompanying information.
9. Copyright of the post
Copyright is retained by the user. However, the administrator shall freely use (excluding personal information entered at the time of the submission, such as name, address, contact phone number etc.), within the scope of this covenant, the postings without any charge.
10. Modification and Effacement of the Terms and Conditions etc.
Changes to the Terms and Conditions, and website contents may be made without any notice.
11. Personal information
Personal information submitted in the Submission Form shall be strictly controlled, and will not be used other than for the purpose of this website.
12. Governing Law, Agreement of Jurisdictional Court
The rights regulating this Terms and Conditions are governed by the Japanese Law. All disputes arising in connection with this Terms and Conditions shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Nagano District Court (Iida branch), or Iida Summary Court, Nagano District in the first instance.